Self-assessment is a critical first step for anyone seeking career direction. Self-assessment is a phrase that simply means taking the time to look inward and gain valuable insight about who you are, what preferences you have, what values are top priorities for you, and what skills, interests and aspirations you have.  Knowing all about yourself is the foundation of a well informed career (or life) decision. During your Mercer experience, take time to pursue the following meaningful assessments/exercises:

  • Assess your interests, personality, values, and skills
  • Review links between your results, academic majors, and careers
  • Explore and analyze occupational paths
  • Create an individual career success plan

Remember, assessments will not tell you what you "should be" or what you "should do.”  They are simply tools to help you clarify your thinking and identify options. 


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The Do What You Are personality type assessment has been used by millions of college students around the world to help them better understand themselves and others. Do What You Are helps students make more informed decisions about their future.

To get the access code, login to your MyMercer account, click on “external Links” on the left menu bar, and then click on Do What You Are. The current access code will be listed along with additional instructions. If you are a Mercer alumni without access to a MyMercer account, contact the CCPD to request the password by emailing your full name to Zelda Hill at