Find Networking Connections

One of the best ways to find networking contacts is through LinkedIn. Commonly known as the “professional Facebook”, LinkedIn is a great resource to network, research companies of interest, locate informational interview contacts, and improve your personal brand. This free site opens the door to over 70 million professionals around the globe, representing 150 industries.  Create an account today and begin expanding your professional network. 

As you search for networking contacts, keep these helpful tips in mind:

  • Share information, ideas, resources, and contacts with others.  Networking is a two way process.
  • Know basic information about careers that interest you.
  • Think of everyone you meet as a networking contact.
  • Keep a well documented record of your contacts – how, when, details of the conversation and any follow up necessary

Another great way to make networking contacts is through your friends and family. Talk to your parents, professors, high school teachers, and Mercer friends about what career paths interest you. Ask them to help you make connections with people who could tell you more about the careers that interest you.

Check out these helpful LinkedIn guides to learn more about:

View the videos below for other helpful tips. 

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LinkedIn for Students:
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