Mercer University’s CCPD serves Mercerians forever! Once a bear, always a bear. No matter what stage you are in your life or career, we would love to help you, and also to see how you could be a resource for students on the rise, whether that means mentoring, networking, or providing an opportunity!


Handshake is our new recruiting and student engagement platform. Upload a resume, see our events, and search for a job or internship. If you are an alumni, follow the link and register for an account; it will be reviewed and approved within two weeks. After that you'll have access to hundreds of job opportunities all over the country! For the benefits of Handshake and steps on how to register click here

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If you're looking to make an appointment, find the professional from the last campus/program you graduated from that advises your area. Make an appointment here.


We're always thrilled to have alumni come back and participate in our events. Whether as a guest or speaker, our current students benefit from seeing the success of other Mercerians. Check out our calendar of events and feel free to stop by! Reach out to the office if you have any questions about events, or if you want to design your own special visit to campus.

Mentoring, Jobs, and Internships

Do you work for or own a company that would like to recruit Mercer students? Are you interested in being paired with a student in your field so that you can serve as a mentor as they chart their professional path? We're taking account of all alumni who want to remain involved and engaged with out current student population! Please fill out this form, and someone will be in touch with you soon!

Alumni Career and Leadership Coaches

In addition to the resources that the Mercer Center for Career and Professional Development provides through Handshake and on our website, we are delighted that some of your alumni peers can and are willing to support you in your career goals. Click here for more information on working with one of these coaches.

Alumni Chapters

Connect with alumni across the country and around the world. Click here to see a full listing of Alumni Chapters.