Document Review

The Center for Career and Professional Development will cease document review during the winter break. We will resume review on 1/4/2021. 

Everyone needs a pair of expert eyes on their career document(s)!

Students and alumni can upload their career documents (resume, CV,  cover letter, etc.) to the Documents section of their Handshake profile and one of our Center for Career and Professional Development staff members will provide a review within 3-business days. 

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Tips for Quicker Resume and Letter Development:

First, download our General Resume Guidelines Checklist or Job Search Letter Template and read them.

Second, look at your existing document to see what edits need to be made to comply with the guides. Make these edits.  

Next, once you've given your best attempt to edit your document so that it meets the guidelines, upload it into your Handshake account in the Documents section and a CCPD staff member will review it.

In Handshake, you will receive a response that says "Changes Suggested" or "Reviewed."   

  • The "Reviewed" response means the document was accepted as-is by the staff. Please note that the "reviewed" status does not imply that the document is exceptional but that it meets commonly accepted professional guidelines.
  • The “Changes Suggested” response means you have further edits to make. Follow suggestions given. Upload the document again once the new version is ready for review. Note:  The revision process can take some time. Typically, 2-3 rounds of revisions are expected.

If you would like to set up an appointment with the CCPD staff for individual assistance with your career document, we welcome you to schedule using the Appointments feature in Handshake.

Appointments are recommended to those who do not have a draft of a resume or letter, have many questions about their document, or want to discuss realignment of their content toward a new career endeavor.