Focus 2

The Mercer Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) offers Focus 2, a free career and education planning system for all Mercerians. Focus 2 offers Mercerians a reliable career and education decision making model to guide decision-making and increase confidence in choosing a major, exploring occupations, and creating your career development plan.

Focus 2 requires an access code. To access that code, visit the Handshake Resourse section


1. Start with the career planning questionnaires to help you gauge where you are now:focus 2- 3 career planning foundations


2. Complete these assessments:focus 2 - 5 assessments image


3. Track your action steps

Create a road map of your academic and career development activities throughout your time at Mercer by tracking your experiences inside the Focus 2 system.

My Career Goals

My Internships

My Work Experience

My Service Experience

My Education

My Study Abroad

My Awards, Research, Pubs, Presentations

My Campus Involvement

My Networking Contacts

My Professional Memberships

4. Review your Career Planning Portfolio

After completing the steps above, your portfolio will summarize your assessment results, your preferred majors and occupations, roadmap tracking, and personal comments, goals, and achievements, all one career planning document. Use this plan to guide your career steps, academic advising, and overall Mercer experience.