The National Association for Colleges and Employers lists "Leadership" as a highly saught skill amongst employers, with over 70% of employers saying that they seek some sort of leadership experience on a candidate's resume (NACE Job Outlook 2017). Thus, experiences where you show leadership outside the classroom are important!

Co-Curricular Activities

Gain valuable experience you can add to your resume by exploring and developing your leadership skills by joining and/or assuming a leadership position in the following areas:

Extra-Curricular Activities

When thinking about getting co-curricular leadership experience off-campus, especially if you are a distance learner or if your campus doesn't offer clubs, there are still many options:

  • Non-profit and volunteering based organizations
  • Leading special projects/collaborations outside of your regular role at work
  • Educational and community engagement efforts (Parent-Teacher Association, Youth League Coaching, Girl & Boy Scout Troops)
  • Professional Organizations in your field (American Marketing Association, Society for Human Resources Management, American Nurses Association, etc.)