Post-Traditional Learners

The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) at Mercer is skilled at serving career transitioning post-traditional learners who are completing undergraduate, graduate and professional degrees. Whether you are launching or relaunching your career, changing careers, or advancing an existing career, having an informed strategy is critical to achieving your goals. The resources below are intended to guide you in designing your strategy and implementing a successful job/career transition.

Career and Self-Discovery

No matter what stage of career development you are in, taking the next step in your career can be unnerving.  Want to take the next step in your career with confidence? Make time during your Mercer experience for career and self-discovery. Consider taking assessments to understand and reflect upon your skills, strengths, personality, interests, aspirations and values. Learn how all of these pieces interact, change over time and play an integral role in your career decision making. Explore the world-of-work to see what's out there that suits you and utilizes your degree. Couple self-knowledge and world-of-work knowledge together to gain clarity in your career choice.


Gain Experience

Experience comes in all different shapes and sizes. Think outside the box when it comes to developing your leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills through experience.


Market Yourself

Your application materials are your ticket into the interview. Check out our templates and presentations here, and once you’ve got something to work with, schedule an appointment so we can refine!


Job Search Guide

Searching for a job can be tough, but there is a method to the madness. Make sure to use all of your resources, and remember, networking is key!


Develop Professionally

You've landed a new job, so now what?! Check out these resources for successfully transitioning into your new role and next phase of your life and career. 


Hire Mercerians

As you take a leap forward in your career, consider taking other Mercerians with you. If you are in a position to host an intern or hire a student or graduate for FT or PT work, please consider posting your opportunity with the Mercer University Center for Career and Professional Development. There are a number of ways we can promote your opportunity throughout the Mercer community. Start with Handshake. Contact us for other communication ideas.