Career and Self Discovery

There’s a ton to figure out career-wise as an undergraduate student. We’ve compiled resources here to get you started. Learn what fields your major can take you into, map out your four year plan, and take a personality assessment to learn your strengths. After you’ve looked through the materials, come see us!


Gain Experience

Experience comes in all different shapes and sizes. Think outside the box when it comes to developing your leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and communication skills through experience.


Market Your Strengths and Skills

Your application materials are your means to a job interview. Check out our resources to assist you in preparing your materials. Once you’ve got a solid draft, schedule an appointment with your career consultant so we can help you present your very best self in your job search.


Job Search Resources

When it comes to your job search, winging it is not a successful strategy. Utilize our job search resources and meet with your career consultant to create a job search strategy for successfully landing your target job.


Graduate and Professional School

Are you exploring or interested in attending graduate or professional school as a next step in your education and career development? Check out our resources and have a conversation with your career consultant to discuss next steps. 


Transition from Mercer to Career

You've landed a new job, so now what?! Check out these resources for successfully transitioning into your new role and next phase of your life and career.